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“Do you accept this, my child?” God said to me while sitting on the edge of my bed and watching me intently with those heavenly blue eyes. I looked at my husband, Ian, hoping for some guidance. If I said yes, it would change Ian’s entire existence, just as it would mine.

Ian was looking between father and I as if he were watching a tennis match and holding his breath while waiting for my answer. Okay, I think to myself, I am obviously on my own with this decision. 

You may think that this is a simple question and should have an obvious answer. It is God after all and He had spent the last three hours telling Ian and me, in detail, the job he was requesting I do for Him. God, Himself, was asking me to work directly for Him and not in the way that you might imagine. 

God was NOT expecting me to minister, spread His word, start a new church or a new religion. He did not even request for me to convince people to believe in Him. Those jobs would have a simple answer. But alas, No. God had something entirely different in mind for me.

It’s not like I could tell God that I was hoping to work on my tan that summer or that starting a new job right now would unquestionably put me behind on holiday shopping. This was God, and he wanted an answer. Right now.

I did not know the ‘chatting with God while he sat on the edge of your bed’ etiquette. We didn’t cover that in Sunday School, I’m sure of it. That would be beneficial knowledge to have today. 

I didn’t want to be disrespectful, but I needed some clarification on a few points. Vital questions that would surely help with this impossible decision.

Questions like would this be a part-time or full-time gig? Is this a work from home thing or would I need to travel? How much travel? Would this position be considered management level or more of an entry-level situation?


More importantly, Ian wouldn’t be my boss, right? Ian being my boss could be a deal-breaker.

Wait, will I have to quit smoking? What about cussing and tattoos? Is that going to be a problem? Ian drinks beer. You know we are only human right?

God’s promise of peace, love, and joy with NO fear every day for the rest of our human lives was a pretty good selling point. How could I say no to my Father in Heaven who had given me everything?

So, with a nod, I humbly said, “Yes Father, I accept.”


Eye Opening

This eye opening account has so many heartfelt messages and life lessons. To begin with, Faith and Knowing are different and before reading this book I figured Faith was enough. The explanation of the two together placed the puzzle pieces in place for me and "Knowing" is that openness and full Trust! Further in the translation of speaking my Truth, My Own Free Will and Judgment toward myself and others was so profound and very helpful on my Path and I am Truly Grateful for the Author for sharing her Truth. I cannot wait for the next book!





I cried in the first two chapters multiple times. That is rare for me. We are all at some point looking for answers and searching for some purpose and meaning for the chaos around us. She is writing about real problems, in a simplistic down to earth fashion that is easier for me to feel God's love. I reread chapters 6-8 multiple times. So touching!!! I love that God is interested in us as his children. I am ever so grateful to also feel that He is interested and knows me individually. I love feeling that I am not alone and neither are you! Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing your worst problems contrasted with some of the hugest blessings. Great lessons of focus on truth and release my fears. This book is perfect timing for me in my current trials. I have been looking for clarity in my life. I love having this short book assessable as an infusion of power to know God rather than just a hope in God. I am working now on a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. I can't wait for your next books!




Everybody should give themselves the privilege of reading this book

The author's raw, authentic story is one of the most visceral stories I have been honored to witness. I cried, I laughed, I got curious, and most of all I got excited to live a life of no fear. What would that be like? With our courage and truth, we can begin to live a life with God's word in our ear, just as the author experienced. "No fear. Just peace, love, and joy."




Couldn't put it down 

Very interesting and intriguing book! It was hard for me to put it down. The author describes parts of her (horrible) childhood and then talks about her conversation with God and how he asks her to become his oracle. I'm not a religious person, but this book has changed my perception of God and the life we live on Earth.



I couldn't put it down

I couldn't put it down and plan to read it again and again. Heart provoking, perception changing, mind-opening. Honest and Real. I can't wait for the next in the series to read more! I cried tears of heartbreak and tears of joy.


I enjoyed this book very much

I found this book to be an interesting read. The author kept me laughing as well as crying at different times in this book. It's an amazing story. I found it very inspiring.



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